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I started collecting arcade games when I realized I might want to play a working pinball at any given time, and that I really missed Atari's Star Wars.

It turns out that I like maintaining and repairing games, too.

I'm always looking for cheap stuff that I can fix and play.

for sale list

Buy stuff I don't want at surprisingly reasonable prices! Buy stuff I do want at unreasonably surprising prices! My list is here.

full games

Game DB Info Manufacturer Year Acquired Works? notes
Arkanoid KLOV Romstar (Taito) 1986 14 Jul 2001 No cabinet is junk (Merit countertop cabinet), spinner seems marginal to me. I have a loose ground somewhere and some of the controls don't work. The cabinet needs a bunch of stuff repaired. The electronics are mostly OK.
Black Knight 2000 IPDB Williams 1989 25 Apr 2010 Yes has "futuristic" plastics; faded cabinet, new glass
Firepower IPDB Williams 1980 Jun 2009 Yes signed by Steve Ritchie
Kings of Steel Bally 1984 19 May 2012 Yes Particle board cabinets suck. Needs to be shopped.
High Speed IPDB Williams 1986 20 Jan 2001 Yes some wear; signed by Steve Ritchie
Missile Command KLOV Atari 1980 11 Jul 2011 Yes Needs a little work and a back door
Monte Carlo Premier (Gottlieb) 1987 9 Mar 2013 Yes
Mr. Do! GGDB Universal 1982 7 Feb 2011 No Cocktail. Probably will part this out.
Pac-Man (and Ms.) GGDB KLOV Ms. KLOV Midway (Namco) 1980 24 Apr 2007 Yes Changed it back, then added a Ms. Pac-Man board. Also houses my Speed Rumbler.
Robotron: 2084 KLOV Williams 1982 19 Jan 2002 Yes solid; best game ever
The Simpsons Pinball Party Stern Pinball 2003 22 Aug 2012 Yes First run, I think. Good shape. Routed. Needs a little bit of new rubber and a new DMD. Some wear on the sides near the flipper buttons.
Sinistar KLOV Williams 1982 12 Jul 2009 Yes some cabinet damage
Twilight Zone IPDB Bally (Midway/WMS) 1993 15 Feb 2002 Yes corrosion, scratches, dings, dents, broken plastics

game boards

These are "complete" game boards that can be set up and played in another cabinet. That means I get to list them on VAPS.

Game DB Info Manufacturer Year Acquired Works?
Block Out KLOV GGDB American Technos 1989 12 Aug 2011 Yes Chris gave me this. Haven't set it up yet. Need 4-button horizontal JAMMA cabinet.
Jr. Pac-Man KLOV Midway 1983 24 Apr 2007 Yes 5V version; works in my Franken-Pac cabinet
Sly Spy KLOV Data East 1989 Jan 2007 maybe? flaky; bend it, it'll crash;n newfangled JAMMA boards are hard to fix
Spanish Eyes Williams 1973 Yes Waiting for arrival
Speed Rumbler KLOV Capcom 1986 2007 Yes Works well. Great music.
Psring Break Premier (Gottlieb) 1987 No

games that aren't here anymore

You can't have everything. Where would you put it? —Stephen Wright
Game DB Info Manufacturer Year Acquired Left
Burgertime Midway (Data East) 1982 2012 16 Jul 2016 Waiting for arrival
Burgertime Midway (Data East) 1982 2012 16 Jul 2016 Waiting for arrival
Xenophobe KLOV Bally/Midway 1987 20 Sep 2001 30 Jan 2007 traded for Millipede; still have spare CPU & audio boards
Firepower II IPDB Williams 1983 15 May 2008 16 May 2008 I bought this at a pinball show and sold it during the same show for a small profit without the game having ever moved. But, then, I didn't have to clean the garage that day.
Back to the Future IPDB Data East Pinball 1990 16 May 2009 12 Jul 2009 I took this to CAX 2009, put a price on it because I needed to make space, but without the intent of really selling it. It sold anyway to a good home.
Black Hole IPDB Gottlieb 1981 23 Apr 2003 12 Jul 2009 After over six years, I was still cleaning and working on this and unhappy with it. So I sold it.
Meteor IPDB Stern Electronics 1979 20 Dec 2008 13 Jul 2009 Nice game, but had to make space.
Millipede KLOV Atari 1982 30 Jan 2007 20 Jul 2011 Got this in trade for Xenophobe, and sold it at CA Extreme 2011. Great game.
Star Wars KLOV Atari 1983 21 Oct 2001 28 Jul 2012 The game that made me want to collect games. Accidentally sold it at CA Extreme.
A.P.B. KLOV Atari Games 1987 14 Jul 2001 28 Jul 2012 I sure could use a donut. I liked this but no one else really appreciated it. Wouldn't mind getting another one.
Cleopatra IPDB Gottlieb 1977 15 Dec 2005 13 Jul 2012 playfield swap completed -- plays pretty nice, playfield looks great, cabinet is still rough, electronics need bulletproofing. But now it's sold.
Stargate Williams 1981 29 Jul 2012 Bought from T-Minus One. Sold at CA Extreme before I could really enjoy it. Oops.

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