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I got this from a friend who was moving out of town around in September, 2001. It was attractive and in very good shape, but dead.

After nearly five years of persistent neglect, my friend Chris Kuntz came over and wired in a new power supply. This got the game up and running, but left an unexplained hum in the audio. Chris replaced the light bulbs in the coin door and the hum in the audio was gone! This makes basically no sense, but both the audio and the coin door lights are served on 12V. As incredibly weird as this is, the game works!

After the game worked, Chris and I played it, and halfway through that first game, we stopped to fix A.P.B. instead. Later, I let some kids in to play it and the other games in the garage. They played it, then walked away from it.

It took a long time to get this game up and running. But when it ran, it was still Xenophone. Xenophobe's game play is pretty shallow. You walk around and shoot stuff and wonder why you're getting the shit knocked out of you. But, hey, it's three-player, and the graphics are great. But it was easily the least-played (working) game in my collection.

Then, one day, VAPS added a "for sale" bit. I marked the Xenophobe for sale, and got an offer on a Millipede. I took it, and the Xenophobe is gone. I had a sound board and CPU board, but they're gone, too.

I got a manual on eBay but I still have some stuff here.

Tim Showalter /