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Missile Command

Cabaret-type cabinet acquired at the 2011 Californa Extreme show. The cabinet is a bit, but it plays great!

DIP switch information is here, stolen from elsewhere on the net.

multigame kit

Scott Brasington makes a nice multigame kit that adds Super Missile Attack. Installation is as easy as it can be. It also saves high scores.

Of course, my game exhibited weird symptoms: stray pixels were left by the cursor on two scan lines. Why? I have no idea. With help from a friend, we finally figured out that swapping in a different CPU (same manufacturer, manufactured six weeks apart) made the problem go away. I'd tell you who the friend is, but we're both embarassed that we didn't try swapping the CPU first, as opposed to 10th.

Super Missile Attack is a lot of fun, and a great change from Missile Command. It's harder. Maybe it borders on unfair; I don't know. Both MC and SMA can kick my ass pretty hard.


In no particular order, and with no guarantee of completeness, here's what has been done to the game:

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