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Mr. Do!

Rob tells my lovely wife that his employer is just throwing out one of these because it doesn't work. I rent a truck and spend more on the rental than the game is probably worth, but I have one now! All I need to do is fix both joysticks, find a top glass, a missing clip for the top glass, all of the locking hardware, and figure out if I should fix the art that says "Mr. Do's Castle" by getting proper Mr. Do! art, or by getting a Mr. Do's Castle board.

Also, try searching for parts for a game called "Do" from a company called "Universal". It might as well be "the the" for all the good those words do.

It appears that this game was a generic conversion cabinet, which was just coming into vogue at the time. I think it's Universal's standard cocktail cabinet, but mine has just one coin slot and some other inconsistencies. This may get some new wiring, if I can find a way to do a nice job.

Tim Showalter /