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High Speed: Hot Action Pinball!


High Speed was the first machine to have an alphanumeric display, the first with an accumulating jackpot, the first with automatic replay precentaging, and the first System 11 game. The gameplay was revolutionary, and the game had a very large production run.

High Speed is the first machine I bought (serial number 541 82603). It's a gateway drug. But a deal good to pass up happened by and I sold it in 2014.

I have some mediocre pictures of my game. My highly inaccurate (yet oddly verbose) maintenance notes are here.


the downside to this particular machine

I have had this conversation with several people since acquiring my game.

me I got a pinball machine.
them Oh, yeah? What kind?
me A High Speed machine.
them Yeah, but what kind? Does it have a title?

Of course one of my smartass friends saw this page and made me repeat the last paragraph four or five times. (I'll get you, Dan. Oh, yes, I will.)

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