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flipper coil strengths

flipper strengths

Color New Coil
Old Coil
Yellow FL-11753
used for small flippers, like the "Thing" flipper on Addam's Family, and Twilight Zone's upper-left flipper.
Green FL-11722
used for weak flippers, like Twilight Zone's upper right flipper.
Red FL-11630
"standard" flipper strength, as used on older games like Earthshaker, Whirlwind, and all High Speed flippers.
Orange FL-15411
strong flipper, as used for main flippers on Addams Family, Twilight Zone, etc.
Blue FL-11629
strongest Williams flipper. Used on most of the newest WPC games.
  Drawn from Clay's guides, For Amusement Only's parts list, and any manuals I had sitting around.

Anything marked "N/A" is either unknown or the part doesn't exist. (In particular there are apparently more flipper strengths with the new-style coils.)

As noted by others, do not trust sleeve colors on coils not made by Williams--they're almost certainly wrong.

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